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Kunzite - Choose Your Own

Kunzite - Choose Your Own

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Choose your own!

One piece of raw Kunzite - untreated with a beautiful and all-natural pale lilac/pink color.

Keywords: Love, Connection, Heart-Opening

Affirmation: “I am receptive to the gentle guidance of my heart.”

Origin: Afghanistan

Kunzite are heart-based crystals that encourage the energy of love to fill your life. Their vibration helps you to heal emotional problems as you release negative feelings. This stone has strong metaphysical properties that aid you to lift your mood and to help you to release anxiety and stress. They allow you to more easily create loving relationships as your life fills with love on all levels.

Feel free to work with your crystal in any way that you feel called to. Guidance for programming your new crystal can be found on the "How To" page in my shop's menu.

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