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Hyalite Opal

Hyalite Opal

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Raw Hyalite Opal nuggets - choose your quantity in the drop down menu. These amazing little pieces fluoresce green under short-wave UV light!

Keywords: Clarity, Intuition, Spiritual Connection

Affirmation: “The answers and guidance I seek come to me with ease.”

Origin: Mexico

Average size is .75”

Hyalite Opal has a pure energy, clears and strengthens the aura. Hyalite Opal provides clarity and purity of thought, un-cluttering a muddled and confused mind. Hyalite Opal calms and centres, used in meditation can facilitate counsel with spirit guides. Hyalite Opal is an excellent facilitator of astral travel and visioning.

Hyalite opals share mostly the same composition as other opals, specifically in their bodies’ mixture of water and silicon dioxide. However, hyalite opals differ in a few ways. For one, they don’t have the same internal mineral structure as the average opal; the mini spheres that cause the play of color in precious opals are absent in hyalite. They do however exhibit a beautiful blue or green fluorescence under short-wave UV light! Pure magic :)

Feel free to work with your crystal in any way that you feel called to. Guidance for programming your new crystal can be found on the "How To" page in my shop's menu.

Every crystal will vary slightly in size, shape, color, and pattern. The listing photo is a representation of the stone I will intuitively choose for you :)

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